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2009 - P&L and structure highlights



Gruppo UBI Banca - Reclassified profit and loss account summary

31/12/2009 30/09/2009 30/06/2009 31/03/2009

A "commitment fee" was introduced from 1st July 2009, of an all encompassing nature, which, with a view to simplification, has replaced not only the "maximum overdraft fee", but also a series of other commissions applied to authorised and unauthorised current account overdrafts. The reclassified income statement has been prepared excluding the "maximum overdraft fee" from net interest income (reclassifying it into net commissions) for all the periods prior to 31st December 2009.

The items in the table below already include the effect of the Purchase Price Allocation

Operating income3,9062,9472,002996

of which: Net Interest Income2,4011,8431,348694

of which: Net Commission Income1,215883507250

Operating Costs(2,514)(1,850)(1,244)(619)

of which: Staff Costs(1,466)(1,118)(745)(379)

Profit on Continuing Operations Before Tax541443305140

Profit for the period27018712624

UBI Banca Group - Structural data (number)


Total workforce20,28520,79820,92620,966 

Branches in Italy1,9551,9451,9391965

Financial Advisors880900~900~900

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