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Last update on 26/10/2021 14:37:46



2012 - Balance Sheet highlights


UBI Banca Group - Reclassified consolidated balance sheet data (millions of euro)

                                   31/12/2012              30/09/2012            30/06/2012            31/03/2012

Total Assets132,434132,103133,609131,511

Net loans and advances to Customers92,88894,84395,33397,106

Direct Funding from Customers98,818100,264102,299,443

Indirect Funding from Customers70,16470,66669,02472,381

of which: AUM38,10637,96936,49137,605

Total Funding from Customers168,982170,929171,271171,824

Net worth(excluding profit for the period)9,6559,6249,2359,497


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