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Last update on 26/10/2021 14:37:46



2013 - P&L and structure highlights

The effect of the Purchase Price Allocation on the 12 months of 2013 reclassified income statement was negative by approximately 33 million euro. It was allocated as follows: -34 million euro on net interest income, -20.3 million euro on net impairment losses on property, plant and equipment and intangible assets, +18 million euro on taxes and +3.4 million euro on profit attributable to minorities.

The items in the table below already include the effect of the Purchase Price Allocation.  




UBI Banca Group - Consolidated reclassified economical data (million euro)

                                      31/12/2013          30/09/2013              30/06/2013           31/03/2013

Operating Income3,4372,4861,652800

of which: Net Interest Income1,7511,291845417

of which: Net Commission Income1,187888602305

Operating Costs2,1421,6031,072538

of which: Staff Costs1,302974646331

Profit on Continuing Operations before taxes28527016993

Profit (loss) for the period2511025326


UBI Banca Group - Structural data (number)

                                    31/12/2013           30/09/2013               30/06/2013           31/03/2013

Total workforce18,33718,40318,48518,503

Branches in Italy1,7251,7261,7261,732

Financial Advisors671669661664


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