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Last update on 26/10/2021 14:37:46



2014 - P&L and structure highlights

The effect of the Purchase Price Allocation on FY2014 reclassified income statement was negative by approximately 31 million euro. It was allocated as follows: -29 million euro on net interest income, -21 million euro on net impairment losses on property, plant and equipment and intangible assets, +17 million euro on taxes and +3 million euro on profit attributable to minorities.

The items in the table below already include the effect of the Purchase Price Allocation.  




UBI Banca Group - Consolidated reclassified economical data (million euro)

                                  31/12/2014             30/09/2014             30/06/2014            31/03/2014

Operating Income3,4102,2581,735853

of which: Net Interest Income1,8181,376909454

of which: Net Commission Income1,227908607300

Operating Costs2,1081,5631,044521

of which: Staff Costs1,302977648326

Profit on Continuing Operations before taxes449362257125

Profit (loss) for the period(726)15010658


UBI Banca Group - Structural data (number)

                                  31/12/2014            30/09/2014              30/06/2014              31/03/2014

Total workforce18,13218,18818,43818,379

Branches in Italy1,6701,6701,6731,724

Financial Advisors713694686677


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