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Identity access management
This is a technical and organisational method of reducing risks connected with the access to company resources and information. It is used to manage and monitor the entire life cycle of granting, managing and revoking access privileges for company ICT resources by each user.

Impaired loans
Loans at their face value to persons in situations of objective difficulty where, however, it is felt the difficulties can be overcome in an appropriate period of time.

Index linked
A policy the performance of which is linked to the that of a reference parameter which could be a share index, a basket of securities or another indicator.

Internal audit
Function to which internal auditing activity is attributed institutionally.

Investment banking
Investment banking is a highly specialist financial sector which assists companies and governments to issue securities and more generally to obtain funds on capital markets.

Joint venture
Agreement between two or more companies to perform a determined economic activity usually by forming a joint stock company.

In a securitisation operation it is the most subordinated tranche of the securities issued, which is the first to meet the losses that may be incurred in the recovery of the underlying assets.

Contract by which one party (lessor) grants the use of an asset to the other party (lessee) for a determined period of time. The asset is purchased by or constructed for the lessor on the instructions and as selected by the lessee, where the lessee has the right to purchase the ownership of the asset under preset conditions at the end of the leasing contract.

Lower Tier 2
Subordinated liabilities which meet the requirements for inclusion in the supplementary or tier 2 capital.

Mark down
Difference between the average borrowing rate for the direct forms of funding employed and the Euribor rate.

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