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Shareholders    8 April 2020 Shareholders' Meeting    Procedures for requesting a ticket for admission to the meeting

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Procedures for requesting a ticket for admission to the meeting


Tickets for admission to the Shareholders’ General Meeting must be requested of the intermediary with whom shares are deposited.


For those shareholders who have deposited their shares with UBI Banca requests for tickets for admission to the meeting may be made following these procedures:


  • through Qui UBI (www.ubibanca.com) , from the section “Investments” - 2020 UBI Banca Shareholders’ Meeting” (the document will be sent within 24 hours of the request);

  • by telephoning UBI – Online: toll-free number 800.500.200;

  • by going in person to your branch (as a consequence of the health risk posed by infection from Coronavirus, we recommend using the remote channels available mentioned above, thereby avoiding going into your branch).